Five years ago my first son was born and it made me look for a photography project close to home. I wanted to see my child on a daily basis, but I also wanted to continue to work on personal photography projects. I started documenting my neighbourhood in Clapton, London, and it has over the years evolved to something more than just a photography project. Not only have I gotten to know some fantastic people in my area, learned how to make and run a magazine, but I have built up a great photographic archive of people and places on and around Chatsworth Road in London.

Hundreds of residents have had their portrait taken in my free pop-up portrait studios, I have documented people at work and at home, I have raised money to help local youth and I have received exposure internationally. In 2012 I wanted to see the work in print, so I decided to make a magazine. With funding from The Norwegian Royal Embassy and a great pool of local talent I launched the I Love Chatsworth Road magazine in November 2012. We are now on the third issue and the feedback has been great! Issue 1 and 2 is sold out, but issue 3 is still available to buy from

ILCR 3 cover